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Apple iphone 7 2016: What are iphone 7 specification? Updated news on apple iphone mobile


iPhone 7 specifications

As far as specification is concern, there is not much news about it however since very new iPhone (except S’s and C’s versions) are launched with latest iOS. So iPhone 7 will going to feature new OS i.e. iOS 10 which possibly be announced latest by September 2016.
If we talk about the screen size, the device is going to feature a little bigger screen than its predecessors i.e. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which measure screen size of 4.7 and 5.5 respectively. Therefore the new iPhone will probably feature 5.8 screen size with OLED display. As far as camera is concern, iPhone 7 will sport improved 13 megapixel primary iSight camera with 8 megapixel secondary one.

iphone 7 specification

iPhone 7 features

Sapphire Glass – According to the last rumors, the new iPhone 7 may feature Sapphire glass instead of Corning’s Gorilla glass that is being used in current iPhone. Sapphire glass is pretty much tough glass which is not easily breakable and the company is already using it in iWatch. It would be fair decision if Apple decides to use the same glass in new iPhone as well. As per Macworld, Apple is backing Arizona based plant run by G T Advanced Technologies that can be used to manufacture iPhone display.
Button-less design – The company may ditch its traditional design and come up with all new button-less design for its new iPhone 7. The home button which is being used in current iPhone can be eliminated completely to provide bigger space on the screen.

Wireless Charging – The rivals like Samsung is already offering wireless charging facility to the customer which is pretty much convenient. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge can be charged wirelessly and the customers have appreciated this facility. Apple can’t afford to lag behind its rivals and it makes sense for the company to allow iPhone 7 charge wirelessly.
Improved iSight Camera – To enhance the picture quality, Apple might use iSight camera which will help you take bright and clear picture through its anticipated 13 megapixel primary camera. The iPhone 7 will be able to take pretty much better picture through its 8 megapixel secondary camera as well.
Water and dust proof – To give maximum protection to such premium device, the California based techie planing to make iPhone 7 Water as well as dust proof. According to the rumors, the phone will be waterproofed to iP67 standard which is meant for making devices water and dust proof. As per IP67 the device wouldn’t get damaged if it submerged under 1 meter water for 30 mins.
OLED display – The latest rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 may feature OLED display instead of LCD which is currently being used. OLED screen generates its own light to illuminate however LCD screen requires back light to glow.
iphone 7 specification
While we hear new pack of gossipy tidbits regular on the up and coming iPhone, this time new bits of gossip discuss variations of iPhone 7 that organization may unleash amid September occasion this year. It makes a feeling of energy among the clients with respect to what includes the new iPhone going to have. As indicated by the most recent gossipy tidbits, iPhone 7 may come in 3 distinct variations, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro or iPhone 7 Plus Premium however what the new variations going to offer to the client is still a puzzle. 

This gossip came into light when tech blog site Mobipicker distributed an article about what all variations the clients may find in the up and coming dispatch occasion. Mobipicker got this news from mysterious sources and if the news is to trust the iPhone 7 tipped to dispatch in 3 distinct variations talked about above. The creation of these gadgets answered to have as of now began at the supplier's assembling plants. 

Apple's two suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron have expanded the labor to speed up creation procedure of these three variations. It is occurring without precedent for the history that the organization has wanted to uncover three capable variations of iPhone. 

As indicated by gossipy tidbits, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus wouldn't be very different than the present form iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that makes gadget darlings bit disillusioned however these are only the bits of gossip that could conceivably end up being valid. The organization has dependably been known for the development with each recently dispatched gadget and iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus (and iPhone 7 Pro or iPhone 7 Plus Premium) would doubtlessly be putting forth numerous great elements. 

While the gossipy tidbits discuss third variation being iPhone 7 Pro or iPhone 7 Plus Premium, there is no piece of information about what all elements new variation could offer to the clients. However as the name recommends "Premium" there must be something new and energizing about this variation. 

To the extent the elements of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is concern, the bits of gossip point the Plus variations will have double sensor camera, 4 GB of RAM and running the most recent iOS 10 that the organization may discharge amid June occasion. iPhone 7 may need double sensor camera.

Apple iphone 7 2016 : When is it releasing all over the world? Updated Latest news on iphone 7 mobile release date in India


iPhone 7 release date

If we talk about the siblings of iPhone 7, Apple followed a set pattern for their release but a few of them were released at completely different time. If apple gonna follow the same cycle as it used for iPhone 5 and 5S, 5C, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 6S we can anticipate that the release date of iPhone 7 will fall sometimes in September 2016.
iphone 7 release date

The first iPhone was released in 2007 and it was the most hyped consumer product followed by release of iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and 5C, iPhone 6, 6 Plus and now iPhone 6S. Have a look at the release dates of different iPhones.
So if we look at the pattern that Apple is following, the first four generation iPhone was released in June month of each year with just one add release of iPhone 4S that was taken place in October 2012. The reason behind for the delay was that iPhone 4 was a huge success and the company didn’t wanted to bring new iPhone in the market.
After that tech giant follow ed different cycle wherein all the  new iPhone were being released in the month of September. every year.  So assuming Apple going to follow same pattern for iPhone 7 as well, I can project the iPhone 7 release date will fall sometime during September 2016 however it again depend on the company’s strategies when they want to launch new iPhone in the market.

Model name
Release date
June 2007
iPhone 3G
June 2008
iPhone 3G S
June 2009
iPhone 4
June 2010
iPhone 4S
October 2011
iPhone 5
September 2012
iPhone 5S and 5C
September 2013
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
September 2014
iPhone 6SSeptember 2015
iPhone 7September 16, 2016
apple iphone 7 release date
apple iphone 7 release date

Individuals are sticking far and wide for the dispatch of iPhone 7, whose entry will highlight a normal Sapphire glass and most presumably a 21-Mega Pixel DSLR camera. As though the additional details weren't sufficiently only to entice you to change to iPhone, here's another for you. iPhone 7 may include a Facial Recognition rather than touch-ID. The super star of 2015 is required to make debut in September or October preceding merry season. 

Apple's gaining by the face-recognition licenses 

It was not a long back when a patent had been documented by Apple in 2013 concerning individualized computing gadget control utilizing face discovery and acknowledgment and now Apple appears to be good to go to practice its rights by presenting the same in the eagerly awaited gadget of theirs in the abundantly anticipated iPhone 7. 

This innovation would unquestionably help Apple to jump Android regarding face identification and acknowledgment capacity as it will offer clients to incomprehensibly control the telephone through shifting outward appearances once they have opened their gadget. 

How fruitful has been the face-discovery highlight? 

Apple utilizes a touch-ID up to this point however now they are good to go to welcome the face-recognition highlight which is experiencing test, where it has been effective in around 95% of the times in distinguishing its proprietor through right identification of differing outward appearances. Apple tends to think back in the past and produce old-patch up idea in an unoriginal and creative way, which has been the fundamental purpose for their emerge execution in the tech business year-in and year-out. 

At the point when flawlessness meets excitement 

The most considerable component which would get through the face location highlight is that, for the security darlings even subsequent to opening the telephone through discovery, they would just have the capacity to see certain substance, for example, photographs and messages until they wish to see what they need on their showcase. This component basically includes iPhone 7 with flawlessness and marvelousness, just to keep it on top of the rundown. 

Apple is to be sure wanting to bring the world with the tempest with the suggestive gossipy tidbits gradually ended up being out to be reality. The as of now tech-powerhouse is good to go to compose its name in stars for the following couple of years at any rate. The furious rivalry amongst Apple and the other tech-supremes will advantage the clients in different courses, beginning off with a complete changed involvement as far as working a contraption.
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